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The letter from Bishop Hans is fake #svenskakyrkan

Updated 19/8 Day has updated his blog and type denied his last post. The point may be to show how Swedish church infiltrated (to use the same terminology). If so, we hope the day itself responds to some ... Read more

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No usual assembly Journal

Given that several have asked to take part in the reader survey together with Verbum done in our newspaper, I want to make a few clarifications. The figures must be put in context to be understood. In Helsingborg, ... Read more

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"Forgive Owe, kh in Kinna" said no one ever #svenskakyrkan

In March, the waves went high in the Swedish Church (again). The gay couple in Kinna was in focus and with them the Swedish Church and the vicar Owe Johansson. The couple were married in Kinna but not out Owe Johansson, who for reasons of conscience is not ... Read more

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Democracy is larger than press freedom # blogg100 #svpol

Today is World Press Freedom Day. This day should be especially remember those who made sacrifices for the freedom of the press around the world. There are unfortunately people in the worst cases, their lives to guard, protect and defend ... Read more

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Secrecy is not stretchable concepts Mikael #svenskakyrkan # blogg100

Pin Lecturer Mikael Mogren writes in the weekly church newspaper that "The duty of confidentiality is a stretchable concepts". So it is obviously not. The duty of confidentiality to the priest is absolute and it can not dislodge. But if you read the title is not very good in the Michael ... Read more

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#ica do not know better #reklam # Easter # blogg100

ICA has sent his commercials, then Lucia in 2001. The fact is that they are the soap, which has been the longest and the most section. Longer than the old gems Operations. It is the agency King behind the ideas and produce ... Read more

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From strength to strength .... # blogg100

Missed # blogg100 yesterday. Obra. But it can go when you have nice but other people. It has been a quiet weekend. In any case, for my part. Marija worked. Have spent their days tweaking a bit of ... Read more

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Sorry, not 25 names ... 3200 name !!! #granskning # blogg100

Updated: Sorry, forgot the link to the program. Look here >> I will not bore you with the details on the program yesterday. It was a new experience and a good one at that. Good training as they say. However, I want to thank you for ... Read more

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I meetgranskning insvtdebatt #bikt #svenskakyrkan #svpol # blogg100

Yesterday I received a call from SVT and program Debate. They had read my blog and was wondering if I could develop what I thought. I told him about what I blogged about. I think that Mandate Review has been raped ... Read more

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Mandate Review should be ashamed! granskning # Swedish Church # blogg100

Mandate Review has commented on my post. They write in a tweet to; "pastortorsten Hello! Yes, we have read but we have at this stage no comments. It will certainly come if and when we broadcast a story. "_______________________________________________________________ In the month of May ... Read more

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