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"Forgive Owe, kh Kinna" said no one ever # Swedish church

In March, the waves went high in the Swedish Church (again). The gay couple in Kinna was in focus and with them the Swedish Church and vicar Owe Johansson. The couple were married in Kinna, but not out of Owe Johansson as conscientious objectors do not ... Continue reading

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Democratic greater than press freedom blogg100 # # svpol

Today is press freedom day. This day should especially remember those who made sacrifices for the freedom of the press around the world. There are unfortunately people in the worst cases, their lives to guard, protect and defend ... Continue reading

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Confidentiality is not an extensible concept Mikael # Swedish Church # blogg100

Pin Lecturer Mikael Mogren writes in the weekly church newspaper that "The duty of confidentiality is an extensible concepts". So it is obviously not. The confidential nature of the priest is absolute and can no upset. But if you read the title is not very good in the Michael ... Continue reading

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# Ica do not know better # advertising # Easter # blogg100

ICA has sent its commercials Lucia since 2001. Indeed that is the soap opera that has been the longest and in most sections. Longer than old gems Operations. It is the agency King standing behind the ideas and produce ... Continue reading

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From strength to strength .... # Blogg100

Missed # blogg100 yesterday. Obra. But it can go when you have nice but other people. It's been a quiet weekend. At least for my part. Marija has worked. Have spent days with tweaking some of ... Continue reading

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Sorry, not 25 names ... 3200 names! # # Examination blogg100

Updated: Sorry, forgot the link to the program. Look here >> I will not bore you with details about the program yesterday. It was a new experience and a good one at that. Good training as they say. However, I want to thank you for ... Continue reading

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I meet @ review in @ svtdebatt # confession # Swedish Church # svpol # blogg100

Yesterday I got a call from SVT and Debate program. They had read my blog and was wondering if I could develop the way I thought. I told him about what I blogged about. I think Mission Review has raped ... Continue reading

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Commissions Review should be ashamed! @ Examination # Swedish Church # blogg100

Commissions Review has commented on my post. They write in a tweet to; "@ Pastor Torsten Hello! Yes, we have read but we have at this stage no comments. It becomes necessary only if and when we broadcast a story. "_______________________________________________________________ In the month of May ... Continue reading

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"The oil should be removed by midsummer" # blogg100 # svpol # police

Today I had the great privilege to listen to Ewa-Gun Westford. She is the spokesman for the police in Skåne and appears now and then on television. She spoke on the topic "crisis communications." Ewa-Gun has a liberating distance to both ... Continue reading

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+ Eckerdal think differently # Swedish Church # blogg100

A few days ago, I criticized Bishop Eckerdal to, as I understood it, burst into their mission of "preserving and protecting the Church's unity." My criticism remains. He could have acted differently. But it pleases me greatly that Bishop ... Continue reading

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